Tiger Edition
Tiger Edition
Tiger Edition
Tiger Edition
Tiger Edition
Tiger Edition

Tiger Edition

Long ago matches replaced fire.
Then lighters replaced matches.
we're here to replace lighters.

4.9/5 stars

$60.00 USD
$29.95 USD

Savings of $40+ today only.

You’ll never waste another penny on plastic lighters again.

We use no butane, fluid, or gas.

Our lighters are 100% electric meaning they can be used infinite times.

Simply charge it and you're ready for up to 2 weeks of use.

Talk about value for money!

Our engineers went overboard with creating the perfect machine.

Infinity’s electrodes burn through wood in just 5.9s.

How do they work? Pure electricity flows into the metal coils. This build up of energy creates a powerful hot electric field. This built up voltage shoots out into the arc as plasma lightning (just like a Tesla Coil).

Our lighters also have a built-in safety auto shut off to prevent hazards.

This makes it perfect for camping, hiking, or just relaxing.

Experience the power that Nikola Tesla created. No amount of wind or water can stop the plasma arc. 

Slim, polished, and aesthetic.

Forged in fire with solid metal, infinity lighters are lightweight yet durable.

They don’t wobble or feel cheap.

None of your friends will be able to compete with your lighter.

Get yours now for 50% Off + Free Shipping!

*we're running extremely low on inventory due to going viral*

Help save the planet with us!

United we can make a change.

Plastic lighters will exist in our environment forever.

Infinity combats the massive amount plastic, chemicals, and toxins in landfills and our oceans produced by big lighter companies.

  • we're 100% chemical free
  • we're 100% butane free
  • we're 100% plastic free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nancy Poole
a great lighter!

I got one for my grandson and he absoultly loves it!

Nate J
A handy lighter


Jesus Olson
a great lighter!

I love this lighter, and it works in the wind.

Elmer Bowman
a great lighter!

I love tigers and I love this lighter, very high quality and fun to use.

Byron Nguyen
Best lighter

I would recommend this lighter it's easy to use and doesn't go out in the wind!!!