Infinity Lighter

Retro Edition

$39.95 USD $80 USD

Have the coolest lighter in the room everywhere you go!

Your friends will gasp at how amazing this lighter is. Chances are they have never seen it before. Pull this thing out and impress every and anyone you meet.

Be Apart Of The Revolution

Soon all lighters will be electric. It's better for the planet that way. It keeps plastic out of lands fills.

It Saves You Time & Money 

Spend less money yearly on lighters. Spend less time buying new lighters.

Lasts Forever

Our lighter is made to last! Don't worry about dropping it, breaking it or anything else. Our lighters will last FOREVER., build to withstand anything


Battery: 7 Day Standby

Material: Stainless Steel 

Plasma Flame Size: 2 Inches

Display: LED Screen

On/OFF: Touch Activated Censor

97.6% Of Customers Loved This Product! Try Yours Risk Free Today!  


2 Year Quality Guarantee

We know we have the best Electric Lighters in the world. We stand behind that strongly. Our proven track record gives our lighters a lifetime of over 2 years with the proper care.

We LOVE our customers!

Questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email and we will get back to you fast; Email us at We treat each and every single customer like family!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Joseph Maxwell
a great lighter!

Awesome lighter!

Stacey Figueroa
I find this product to be very useful.

I find this product to be very useful. I use it all the time from camping to lighting birthday candles! It comes in handy and is worth buying.

Lori Austin
a great lighter!

I love testing lighters... I mean they are lighter after all. So, when I came across this lighter, I am impressed that it is so compact. It has a great feel while being comfortable in my hand as well. The design is sleek and the way it lights, simply superb!

Natalie Freeman
a great lighter!

I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it was shipped today and I received it this morning. I am very pleased with the product. I would definitely recommend this to my close friends.

Helen Palmer
a great lighter!

I really like this lighter. Compared to the cheap one this is a lot better. It is wind-resistant, It's easy to use for people of all ages and it's rechargeable so don't have to always worry about buying new lighters.