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  • Refillable + Infinite Use's
  • 100% Better Than a Regular Lighter!
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  • Will Last a Lifetime!


This torch lighter is handmade with care and every single blue jewel is glued in place one by one. A lot of attention is required to produce this and it shows. It has sparkles along with a pink colored flame that is absolutely to die for! Not to forget: the double sided handle to ignite this cute lighter is a game changer for those with long nails! Perfect for lighting candles and more…

This item comes packaged in a gift box.

     ✅  Refillable for lifetime use

     ✅  Windproof lighter: Jet flames work even on the windiest days

     ✅  All metal construction: No rusting

     ✅  Adjustable flame size: Twistable valve

     ✅   Lighter Size: 8.5 cm x 3 cm

     ✅  Type of fuel: Extra purified butane gas

*Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of fuel

*Please keep in mind that it is impossible for the flame to stay pink forever. All color flames will eventually turn into a beautiful blue flame over time. 


Do we ship worldwide?

Yes here at Creative Lighters we ship worldwide!

How long is shipping?
Shipping to the US / Worldwide is 15 - 25 days. It takes this long because lighters have to ship a special way since they are considered a dangerous good.

Are they handmade?

Yes! All of our lighters are handmade to ensure the highest quality possible. They are also quality tested.
How long do the lighters last.
Our lighters will last a lifetime!. They are 100% refillable and very strong and durable. If they ever break we will send you a new one for free! (90 Day Warranty) 
How do you refill the lighters?
All of our lighters can be refilled with butane. You can find butane in any of your local gas stations or local walmarts. It is very cheap and accessible. You can refill the lighters infinite times.
Is the flame size adjustable?
Yes! They flame size is 100% adjustable through a small port in the bottom that can be adjust by using a small screwdriver. Please be careful when adjusting the flame and adjust it in small increments to prevent the flame from getting to big. 
Are the lighters refillable?
Yes all of our lighters are refillable and can be refilled as many times as needed.